Notice of Elections and Candidates

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2021 ANU Sport & Recreation Board Nominations and Notice of Elections

Nominations were open from Monday 19 April and closed on Sunday 25 April 2021. At the close of the nomination period, nine nominations were received for the three general board member positions.  

All nominees have been confirmed as eligible to stand for the Board.   


Elections will be held from 9am Tuesday 4 May through to 5pm Thursday 6 May. The voting form can be found here:

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Candidate Statements

Personal statements from all candidates can be found by clicking on the candidate name below.


Greg Badcock


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I believe that sport and recreation on campus is important. As well as providing opportunities for physical and mental health benefits, sport and recreation clubs create communities, and bring people together from a range of backgrounds to interact and share experiences. ANU Sport clubs connect students, alumni, staff and the local community from a range of backgrounds and bring people together around a common interest to achieve things that cannot be done as individuals. It is my view this is intrinsically worthwhile, and something worth working to support and steward.
However, the support and stewardship of ANU Sport, its broad range of affiliated clubs, the gymnasium it owns and operates, the programs it runs and the resources it manages, is not straightforward. Board members have a responsibility not only ensure the proper management of the organisation and its finances, but also to set the strategic direction of the organisation, to understand and put in place to policies and procedures balance the often competing needs of the range of affiliated clubs and its members, and support and guide the staff whose responsibility it is to implement the strategic direction and manage the organisation. I believe that I have the skills and experience to be useful in this regard.
Having played competitive sport since the 1970s, I have a lot of experiences to draw upon to guide decision making in the sport and recreation environment. I have been involved on committees and boards since 1996. I have previously been elected to the board (then council) of ANU Sport, serving 2 years, and am currently an unelected board member. I am a lawyer and currently run a very small legal and commercial advisory consultancy. I understand the importance of proper governance and forward thinking, have experience managing and allocating resources, and enjoy the challenges and experiences of working with other board members to achieve something that is intrinsically worthwhile but cannot be achieved as an individual.
I am currently a committee member of the ANU cricket club and a member of the board of the ACT cricket association. I believe that I have the wherewithal and perspective to ensure that these memberships do not prevent me from putting the interests of ANU Sport first when working in my capacity as an ANU Sport board member, and, If elected, will work with the remainder of the board to ensure that this is always the case.


Alexandra Carroll


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I’m an avid sports enthusiast who is always looking for a new sport to try! For me exercise is a necessity and helps me reset my mind to achieve my goals across all facets of life and I want to ensure others know the benefits of sport as well. I have competed at both State and National levels in Taekwondo for many years prior to commencing university as well as participating in cross country running and hockey at representative levels. I have also participated soccer, touch rugby, orienteering and kayaking at club level and in my spare time I love skiing, x-country skiing and swimming. However, over the past two years I have grappled with severe shin splints, which ultimately have meant I have had to pull out of all university sports for the next six months as part of my rehabilitation and reduce training every day to no exercise (so I have ample time to help the Board's goals!). The opportunity to join the ANU sports board, would be an amazing opportunity as it will allow me to help contribute to the sporting community at ANU, which I was so excited to be a part of prior to the escalation of my injury, and I would throw my full force of enthusiasm and passion for the love of sport to helping the board. I feel the ANU Sports Board would truely benefit from love of leadership and past experience on sports committees as School Captain, as well as organiser of many taekwondo events and large sport events at school. For me sport is more than physical activity as it provides so many opportunities to learn about yourself, make amazing friends who help push you and as part of the board I cannot wait to help further the amazing contribution ANU sport provides to all university students. 


Andy Chen


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As a first-year student, I cannot claim to have the same experience at ANU as older students. However, I believe that I am uniquely placed to benefit ANU Sport as a Board Member. Firstly, I am passionately involved with a variety sports throughout ANU, namely basketball, ultimate, soccer, as well as other ISO Sports. This means that I have a broad range of knowledge and thus can offer my insight in multiple fields. Furthermore, playing multiple sports means that my perspective is informed by multiple sources, and therefore can give a well-rounded and unbiased opinion towards problems. I also uniquely do not carry any predispositions regarding the current state of ANU Sport as a first-year student, and therefore can provide a fresh opinion on matters at hand. As a first-year who is from a multicultural background will also allow ANU Sport to have greater engagement with new students both international and domestic if I am elected. As a project consultant for 180 Degrees and an intern at Deloitte, I am no stranger to solving problems and developing long-term solutions and action plans, as well as helping ensure the long-term feasibility of ANU Sport. I also am a MYAN Australia National Leadership Project member, where I am able to continually develop my leadership skills and ability to work in teams. It is a testament to my ability to become Editor and Communications/Media Director for the ANU Law Magazine, as an ANU Consulting Gen-rep, and part of Unilodge Rescom.


Adam Condipodero


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My connection with ANU extends back over 20 years, having completed my Bachelor of Commerce in 2003. Throughout that time I have been actively involved in ANU sporting life, from memorable years successfully representing ANU at multiple University Games, through to my current role almost 20 years later as Head Coach of ANU Football Club’s senior men’s National Premier League (NPL) team competing in Capital Football’s NPL2 competition. During the intervening years, I have maintained an ongoing relationship with ANU Sport as a long term playing member of ANU Football Club, as well as through previous roles as ANUFC Club Secretary and in the context of my role as a member of Capital Football standing advisory committees. My involvement and participation in the local sporting community has spanned the entirety of my childhood and adult life, having started playing football at the age of 5. My sporting interests, however, have extended well beyond football, having also played representative Rugby, Cricket and Volleyball in my high school and college years at Marist College Canberra, while also playing representative Basketball for a brief period spent at Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur as an early teen. I am a vocal advocate for the vital role of sport in the community and recognise the critical importance of volunteers, administrators, spectators and participants alike. My interest in nominating for a position on the ANU Sport Board is grounded by 3 primary principles: 1. Sport plays a unique and universal role in connecting individuals and groups across communities, critically enabled through increased opportunity for participation 2. The current environment presents a strategic opportunity to leverage the inherent value of sport, along with the deserved status of the ANU as one of the world’s most highly regarded tertiary institutions, to create mutual benefit for students, alumni, staff and the broader community into the future, in line with the University’s strategic direction 3. Sport presents a unique platform to advocate for positive change in relation to societal challenges, providing a channel to advocate for positive change and meaningful action on systemic issues As a public sector executive, I have significant experience in governance and administration, as well as extensive experience in stakeholder management both domestically and internationally. I am passionate about sport and contributing to the future success of ANU Sport and its Clubs and look forward to the opportunity to play my part.


Xavier Ellingham


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I have been a member of the ANU Football Club for the past four years as well as a regular participant in ANU Summer Football and Futsal competitions. Additionally, I am a recent ANU alumnus having graduated with a degree in commerce last year. I will be pursuing the start of a master’s in business administration (MBA) in semester two of this year. I previously worked as an accountant for 3 years with Nexia Canberra during my undergraduate study and have now taken up a consultancy role at Deloitte. Through both my education and employment experience I have developed core business acumen. I am nominating for the ANU Sport Board to:
• Safeguard the affordability and availability of facilities for students and affiliate clubs
• Support transparent decision making and processes
• Advocate for proportional representation in decision-making for ANU Sport stakeholders
As an organisation that fundamentally owes its existence to the presence of students and their continued enrolment, it is my belief that ANU Sport must continue to focus on best serving the interests of the student body that enable it. 


Neil Parsons


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Neil has been an ANU Sport member since he was a student. He graduated with an Economics degree and played hockey with the ANU Men’s Hockey Club. He has also been a member of the sailing and tennis clubs. He continued to play hockey with the club for many years after he graduated. Neil has been on the ANU Sport Board for 26 years and has been Treasurer for many of them. He met his wife at ANU, and they have two adult children. Neil is a Chartered Accountant working in a local accounting firm and advises small and medium size business clients. He has been Treasurer and Vice President of the ANU Men’s Hockey Club. Neil has also held different volunteer positions (mostly Treasurer) in school P&Fs and finance committees, residents’ associations, and sports clubs. He was Treasurer of Dickson Swim Club for ten years. He has also been honorary auditor for local community organisations. He believes sport plays an important part of University life. It can provide social connection, physical health, team experience and leadership opportunities. It is the main non-academic activity for many ANU students and provides the opportunity to make friends for life. ANU would be a poorer place without a strong sporting life. His experience in both business and not for profit bodies is useful in the difficult challenges the SRA faces in next two years.


Jacqui Williams


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Jacqui was elected to the ANU Sport Board in 2016 as an ANU student and is currently President. Jacqui has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to contribute her skills and experience to the organisation and advocate for ANU Sport to University management. Jacqui is particularly excited about the current engagement with the University and hopes to be re-elected to continue this work and solidify ANU Sport’s role as the custodian of health and wellbeing for the ANU community. Jacqui lived on campus for 3 years, graduated with a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies (Chinese Studies) and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons I) and is now a senior lawyer for the Commonwealth government. She has been an active member of ANU Sport since 2008, including the hockey club, boat club, ANU gym, Burgmann College interhall sports teams and six university games. She is honoured to have been awarded 2 half blues and a full blue. Separately, Jacqui has acted on the Board of Rowing ACT for over 3 years, represented Australia in dragon boating and is a qualified personal trainer. From her experience as an athlete, coach, director and lawyer, Jacqui has developed key skills in good governance, strategic thinking, leadership, problem solving and stakeholder management. Jacqui has a solid understanding of how ANU Sport functions, its key interest groups and priorities for the future. This is a crucial time for ANU Sport. Jacqui is passionate about facilitating positive member experiences and supporting ANU Sport’s continuing role in the Canberra community. 


Kyle Wood


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My name is Kyle Wood and I have been actively involved in sport at ANU since I moved to Canberra in 2014 to commence my studies. The work of the ANU Sport and Recreation Association is an important part of my life as an ANU student and alumni, including their support of the Interhall Sports Organisation in which I played and coached several sports between 2014-2017, and the Uni-Norths Rugby Union Club where I have played since 2017. The Association provides a crucial role in facilitating all aspects of sport and recreation on campus, fostering an inclusive campus environment which emphasizes wellbeing, supportive relationships and a healthy lifestyle.
I have been fortunate to serve as a member on the ANU Sport and Recreation Association Board (formerly Council) since 2018, and as the Vice-President for the past year. In performing this role I’ve been fortunate to gain an appreciation of breadth of ANU Sport’s activities, and the importance of these activities to the diverse community it serves. I am proud of ANU Sport’s achievements in maintaining a strong offering for the community despite the particular challenges of the pandemic. I hope I can continue to contribute to building a resilient association which continues to facilitate a rich and diverse experience for students, alumni and the broader community.



Joshua Woodyatt


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I am in my fifth year of an LLB/BINSS degree here at ANU and have been involved with ANUFC since my first year in 2017. Sport has been hugely important as a positive social and mental health outlet during my time at university. As a player, captain, coach, and now club magazine editor, I have always endeavoured to perpetuate the same positive and supportive atmosphere extended to me as a new ANU student. I have worked extensively in law and academia alongside my studies, focusing particularly on policymaking and governmental accountability. Not only are these experiences directly relevant to the Board’s work, but they have also reinforced my abiding belief in the importance of transparent and effective governance. I am standing for the ANU Sport Board to improve governance for the thousands of students and affiliated club members that rely on its services, and to encourage sporting initiatives for the betterment of the entire ANU community. In particular, I will:
• Ensure ANU Sport’s adherence to its constitutional objectives by providing for fair and equal access to its resources;
• Promote the ready public availability of governance materials/policies;
• Press for broad-based consultation with students and affiliated clubs on all matters relating to ANU Sport’s strategic direction such as access to/development of its facilities; and
• Advocate for the expansion of successful community-focused initiatives like intervarsity, social, and ANUSA/PARSA-administered sport.
In this way, I hope to represent the entire ANU Sport membership in advancing the organisation as a force for wellbeing and positive change.