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Is ANU Sport Open to non-students? 

The long-standing myth about ANU Sport is that we are only a student gym and facilities hire organisation - this is NOT true.
It is true that our primary focus is to provide exercise and wellness services for all ANU students.
We also have a dedicated and growing community of ANU staff, alumni and many members of the general public who use our services daily.
In short, everyone is welcome at ANU Sport - whether it's to use the fitness centre, join a club, book a tennis court, or partake in a short course or community event. 

What services does ANU Sport offer? 

There are six main areas of the organisation: 

  1. Fitness Centre - Consisting of our large gym areas and multiple group fitness rooms.
  2. Sports Facilities - Want to hire a facility to play your favourite sport? - ANU Sport is the only complete solution on campus or in the Inner Canberra area. You can hire sports ovals, indoor halls, tennis courts - you can even hire our facilities for corporate events like Christmas parties.
  3. Get Active - Short courses and well-being programs are available for students and non-students.
  4. Social Sport - A great way to meet people through sport on campus, as well as a super-cheap way to play your favourite sport with friends.
  5. Representative Sport - We offer opportunities for students to represent ANU at the highest level like the UniSport Nationals and Intervarsity sport. This is also the place to check on ANU sports scholarships.
  6. Sports Clubs -  ANU Sport has 32 affiliated sport and recreation clubs, find more information about them under the clubs section.  

Where is ANU Sport located? 

ANU Sport is centrally located on campus at Building 19, North Road, ACTON ACT 2601.
The easiest access is via Barry Drive (by car or by bike) - and for your convenience, parking is provided nearby at the Willows Oval carpark, as well as bike racks just outside our entrance.
ANU Sport's proximity to the main Civic bus interchange also makes public transport a feasible option to visit us. 

What are your opening hours? 

Our fitness centre, indoor sports halls, outdoor ovals, tennis courts, and squash courts operate on the following regular opening hours:
MONDAY-FRIDAY 6:00am-10:00pm
SATURDAY-SUNDAY 8:00am-7:00pm
PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 9:00pm-7:00pm 

How do I contact ANU Sport to ask about using your services? 

ANU Sport can be reached via email at sport@anu-sport.com.au
This email account is monitored during business hours, and we will reply as soon as we can.
You can also call our main reception desk at (02) 6125 2273.
Follow us and keep up to date on all the latest events, activations and promotions at our Facebook and Instagram pages (@anu.sport). 

Do I need to book in for group fitness classes?

Yes! Our classrooms have limited capacity, to save your spot in the class it is best you book. Booking also makes sure you are aware of any changes to the class that occur, this can include the class moving locations or time and if the class has unfortunately been cancelled.

I’ve never gone to a group fitness class. What class should I go to?

Any class you want! You can find the class descriptions on the online timetable and the booking portal. If you still aren’t sure the best advice we can give you is to go and try out the class yourself! All our instructors are well equipped to progress and regress their classes to fit each individuals capabilities. We recommend going 5 minutes early to introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know it is your first time!

I am an exchange student living in Canberra temporarily. Can I still join ANU-Sport?
Yes, you can still join ANU-Sport! We offer a range of different membership and visit pass packages. Our Anytime Opt-Out memberships are particularly good for those members who may only be visiting ANU for a semester – just don’t forget to cancel your membership before you head home! If you are here for a short period of time – we offer 10 pass visit packs which are valid for a full 12 months. You can sign up for one of our membership or visit passes here

Do you have a pool? 
No – but we do have a social swimming and water polo club! Our ANU Owls Swimming and Water Polo club has regular training sessions and discounted pool entry with pools around the ACT! You can find more information about / join the ANU Swimming and Water Polo Club here

What is your current badminton/ basketball court availability?
You can view our court availability here

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