2021 Intervarsity Review

Volleyball players at Black Mountain Battle

RECAP: 2021 Black Mountain Battle and Canberra InTRIvarsity  

ANU Sport was delighted to start off the University year with a full complement of local Intervarsity sport with the annual Black Mountain Battle and Canberra InTRIvarsity events.

Held over three weeks in March - and with a slightly modified format to keep in line with COVID-safe protocols - the two events went ahead without any issues.

1. Canberra InTRIvarsity:

After the debut success in 2020, the Canberra InTRIvarsity was back for a second year.

Hosted by the University of Canberra (UC) on Thursday 11th March to coincide with the Black Mountain Battle, the event was contested between the three Universities (ANU, UC and ACU).

This year ACU were unable to get a Mixed Touch Football side together, however the Women’s Netball went ahead with great gusto by all three Universities.

The opening match pitted the hosts, UC against ACU.

After a fire alarm disrupted play towards the end of the third quarter, time was called, and UC came away with a convincing 42-0 win.

After a tough loss, ACU had the back-to-back games going down for a second time, with a 46-1 win to ANU.

The final match of the day looked to be a tough contest between the two rival Universities.

UC came out to a strong start and despite a third quarter comeback from ANU to narrow the gap, UC took out the match with a 17-8 win and also the Canberra InTRIvarsity shield for the second year.

Overall a great day of Intervarsity Netball and fantastic sportsmanship displayed by all Universities.


RND Netball                  Touch Football      POINTS     Wins/Losses   Position 
1 UC (42) vs. ACU (0)         N/A                    UC              2 / 0               1st
2 ANU (46) vs. ACU (1)       N/A                  ANU             1 / 1                2nd
3 UC (17) vs. ANU (8)         N/A                  ACU             0 / 2                3rd

2. Black Mountain Battle:

The Black Mountain Battle was back in full sporting swing for 2021.

With all 12 sports scheduled over a two-week event from 18-26th March, it once again showcased the competitive rivalry, 
sportsmanship, and comradery between both ANU and UC.

After the win in the Women’s Netball match as part of the Canberra InTRIvarsity, UC once again took the lead.

Day 1 and 2 (18/19th March) was hosted on home soil at ANU where some long-standing records were finally broken on the first day.

The ANU Men’s Volleyball team had their first win against UC, and UC finally defeated ANU in the Badminton.

The Men’s Futsal went ahead with a slightly modified friendly due to ANU not getting enough numbers, which saw the UC team finish with their second win of the day.

The second day we moved outdoors where two very close and competitive matches of Ultimate Disc and Touch Football were on display. ANU came away with both wins tying the series 3-3.

Unfortunately, UC could not get the numbers for Hockey or the Women’s Futsal, and ANU with Tennis, so those matches have been postponed.


The following week (25/26th March) we headed over to UC for Day 3 and 4 of the Battle.

A good atmosphere inside the UC Sports Halls gave the ANU basketball teams a spark and two convincing wins in the Men’s and Women’s matches.

However, UC came back with a vengeance and were too strong in the Mixed Netball.

Heading into the final day of the Black Mountain Battle, ANU were leading the series 5-4, so it was sure to be an exciting contest with four sports in action.

Despite the Women’s Volleyball being a close encounter, it was not to be this year with UC coming home strong taking out the Volleyball and Squash in straight sets, the Men’s Football with a whopping 7-0 win, and going back-to-back in the Table Tennis.

The Women’s Football did not go ahead due to ANU withdrawing.

Congratulations to our 'frenemies,' the University of Canberra, for being the overall Black Mountain Battle shield winner for 2021 with 8 wins to 5!



Day                         Sport                              Score                             Winner 
11 March @ ANU   Netball – Women            ANU (8) vs. UC (17)        UC
18 March @ ANU   Badminton – Open         ANU (2) vs. UC (3)          UC
18 March @ ANU   Futsal – Men                  ANU (8) vs. UC (8)          UC
18 March @ ANU   Volleyball – Men            ANU (3) vs. UC (0)         ANU
19 March @ ANU   Touch Football – Mixed ANU (7) vs. UC (3)         ANU
19 March @ ANU   Ultimate Disc – Mixed   ANU (12) vs. UC (9)       ANU
25 March @ UC     Basketball – Men          ANU (70) vs. UC (48)     ANU
25 March @ UC     Basketball – Women    ANU (63) vs. UC (28)     ANU
25 March @ UC     Netball – Mixed            ANU (20) vs. UC (37)       UC
26 March @ UC     Football – Men             ANU (0) vs. UC (7)           UC
26 March @ UC     Squash – Open            ANU (0) vs. UC (3)           UC
26 March @ UC     Table Tennis – Open    ANU (6) vs. UC (9)           UC
26 March @ UC     Volleyball – Women     ANU (0) vs. UC (3)           UC


Overall this was a great opportunity for some of our students having their first taste of Intervarsity sport, and preparation for some of these teams to go to UniSport Nationals later in September.

A huge thank you to the students that participated for their enthusiasm and sportsmanship, the team delegates for their efforts in pulling the teams together, and the sport staff from ANU and UC for organising the event.