The following FAQs should answer many of your queries at this current time. Should your query not be covered below, please contact us at sportatanu-sport [dot] com [dot] au.


ANU Sport Information


Is ANU Sport Open?
ANU Sport, working in conjunction with the Australian National University, have implemented Stage 2 of their reopening plan, with Saturday 20 June as the opening date for Building 19 to be open to students and staff. The plan sees the Fitness Centre opening under restrictions regarding social distancing, the practice of good hygiene and maximum occupancy..

How to I contact ANU Sport?
ANU Sport can be reached via email at sportatanu-sport [dot] com [dot] au, this email account is monitored and we will reply as soon as we can. Alternatively, all staff are still available on their email address as normal, and can organise phone and online meetings as required. 


Fitness Centre

Is the Fitness Centre Open?
The Fitness Centre partially opened on Saturday 20 June under restrictions regarding social distancing, the practice of good hygiene and maximum occupancy. 

Can I book the Fitness Centre Facilities?
Bookings for Fitness Centre Facilities can be made here. Bookings are essential. 

How can I stay fit at home / in isolation / with safe social distancing?
ANU Sport has developed a variety of tools to assist you with staying fit whilst we have restrictions in place. Check out our at home workouts page for more information on how to stay fit and healthy during these restrictions. 




Will I still have to pay for my membership?
Upon reopening, all memberships will be reactivated from 20th June unless a previous suspension agreement has been applied to your membership. If you are unsure if you made such a request, please email sportatanu-sport [dot] com [dot] au or check your membership portal by logging in here on 20th June.

What happens to those who have paid in full for annual memberships?
Your membership was suspended as of Monday 23 March and your membership will now be extended by the length of time that the Fitness Centre remains closed.

Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can. If you wish to cancel your membership you are free to do so. If you have not reached your minimum contract expiry date and wish to cancel your membership, you can. All cancellation rules we’ve changed for this period will be reinstated once we re-open. To cancel your membership please complete the Cancellation Form and send it to sportatanu-sport [dot] com [dot] au. Then, once all outstanding fees have been paid, your membership will be cancelled.




Can my Club continue to train or participate in competition and social activities? 
All club Operations have been CANCELLED or POSTPONED including and extending beyond the ANU campus facilities. This decision has been made by ANU Sport with strong support from the University to mitigate the risk to our students and the ANU community being exposed to COVID-19. 

Does this mean my Club is not operational at the moment?
ANU Sport is encouraging all clubs to maintain engagement with their Club community via digital platforms. It is important to follow the Government advice around social distancing and self-isolation, but we encourage Clubs to continue online engage to support their members and the community. 

Has my membership been cancelled, or can it be refunded?
Each Club is responsible for their own refund policy. ANU Sport has advised Clubs to consider a full refund or pro-rata refund pending what Club activities have already occurred this year. If you have joined a Club as an Associate member of ANU Sport (i.e. not a student or life member) and wish to receive a refund for your ANU Sport Club Affiliation Fee, you will need to complete the refund request form and have your Club confirm they are refunding your membership. This Fee will be a pro-rate amount of the total $120 paid.


Sporting Events


Is Intervarsity Sport still going ahead?
All Intervarsity Sport will be CANCELLED or POSTPONED until Semester 2. No ANU Sport affiliated teams will be permitted to travel unless approved by the ANU Sport Senior Leadership Team. For latest news on UniSports click here

Is Interhall Sport still going ahead?
All Interhall Sport taking place within ANU Sport facilities will be CANCELLED immediately. It is advised that all scheduled Interhall Sport is also cancelled or postponed. Please contact the Interhall Sport organisers for further information.

Will UniSport Nationals Events take place this year?
UniSport are providing regular updates on cancelled and postponed events in 2020. To keep up to date with the latest information, check the UniSport website at https://www.unisport.com.au/unisport-covid-19-updates



To assist us in maintaining the health and safety of our members, if you have attended the Fitness Centre or a Group Fitness Class in the two weeks prior to our closure (Monday 9 March – Monday 23 March) and have tested positive for COVID-19, please email ANU Sport with the details of when you attended the Fitness Centre to allow us to report this to the relevant authorities. 

We also urge you to inform the ANU Community Wellbeing Team at CommunityWellbeingatanu [dot] edu [dot] au, by calling +61 2 6125 3346 (option 1) during business hours, or calling ANU Security outside of business hours. For general COVID-19 information and how it might affect you, please visit https://www.anu.edu.au/news/all-news/covid-19-advice