Quarter 4 2019 - Customer Service Rewards & Recognition

Customer Service Officer - Reward and Recognition

ANU Sport is pleased to recognise the contributions and achievements of our front-line staff members - the Customer Service Officers! These cheerful individuals are the first face you see as you approach reception and are always willing and able to assist with membership enquiries, bookings of facilities, questions about our programs and services, in fact any question you have about ANU Sport, our Customer Service Officers are here to help!

In quarter four of 2019, our three top performing Customer Service Officers are - AmaniCordelia and James! We asked them a few questions about their experience while working at ANU Sport and what they love most about this role.


What is your favourite aspect about working at ANU Sport?

Amani says "I adore the people I work with! I've worked in a couple of different environments, most of which have been amazing, but there is definitely a sense of friendliness and family here that is unique to ANU Sport. Everyone is always wearing a smile, which makes those 6am opening shifts and 10pm closes so much easier (and even enjoyable). I feel very grateful to have such a fun and engaging workplace."

Cordelia says "everyone from the staff to our facilities hirers and members, everyone is always so happy, making it a very positive working environment (it must be all those endorphins)".

James says "the community as a whole! My work colleagues have been fantastic throughout my time here but further to that I have developed a strong rapport with the members. It is a really welcoming community, which I think is really important and often missing in gym environments."


What is the best experience you've had with a member?

Amani says "rather than one experience, as usual it's the little things. Those members who always stop to say hello at the turnstile or notice when you don't work your usual shift or even say goodbye on their way out really create a sense of community for me that I deeply appreciate."

Cordelia says "when a member was so excited to try out our newly resurfaced squash courts that they booked the courts despite having never played squad before. I think spent half an hour first learning myself then teaching them the game rules. It was was so nice to give members the opportunity to try new things."

James says "there are too many conversations that I have had with long time members to pick one experience out in particular. The fact this is a regular occurrence is part of the reason I like working at ANU Sport as much as I do."


What do you think makes a successful and effective customer service officer and how do you utilise this philosophy to go above and beyond for our members?

Amani says "I think solution-focused service is extremely important and effective. When people approach the desk, it's because they have a problem they want solved or a question answered. We don't always have the answer or the authority at reception but I think it's super important to know who might or what options customers might have. I think this validates the customer and their concern and brings them one step closer to a solution which is ultimately the goal of good customer service."

Cordelia says "I believe it is important to understand, respect and embrace the diversity of the customer / members, and acknowledge that every person that comes through ANU Sport has had a different experience with fitness facilities. Consequently, as a successful customer service officer you have to be able to adapt the same services you provide to multiple people (e.g. processing a gym membership) in order to meet the customer's individual needs."

James says "I think being a good listener and being able to consider everything from the customers point of view is really important. We cannot always do exactly what they customer is asking for but if we can understand what they want and why, it allows us to provide the best possible solution to any problem. My biggest frustration when I have been on the other side of the desk has been when a customer service officer does not spend the extra few second it takes to really listen and understand my questions so I try and ensure no customer feels that way when coming to ANU Sport."


In addition to our top performers in quarter four 2019, we've had a number of customer service officers reach anniversary milestones for their time at ANU Sport! Congratulations to...

1 year: Cordelia

6 months: Grace and James 


We are so proud of all our customer service officers at ANU Sport, and send a special congratulations to Amani, Cordelia and James - we can't wait to see how you continue to develop the positive attitude towards health, fitness and well-being at ANU Sport and our community.