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Compete for bragging-rights in the sports of your choosing in Interhall Sport! The ANU Interhall Sports Organisation (ISO) is the body responsible for all residential hall/college sport at the Australian National University (ANU). The organisation is an assembly of the sports representatives from each of the eleven member halls and colleges at the ANU: Bruce Hall, Burgmann College, Burton & Garran Hall, Fenner Hall, Griffin Hall, John’s XXIII College, UniLodge, Ursula Hall, Wamburun Hall, Wright Hall, and Yukeembruk Village. 

The ISO plans, promotes, administrates, and runs all residential sporting competitions played throughout the academic year, with the support of ANU Sport. These sports contribute towards the annual ANU Interhall Sports Shield, a long-standing tradition. 

All residential hall/college students are encouraged to get involved, regardless of experience or skill level! 

The Sports for 2024 will be announced soon!  

How to get involved? Contact your residential halls’/college’s sports representatives or visit the ISO Facebook page! 

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