Unwind: FREE Fitness


Come and unwind this exam season with FREE group fitness for all students!

ANU Sport is running FREE group fitness to help you relax during the most stressful time of year! From 2 June to 18 June, we'll be offering three classes a week to help you unwind. All classes take place at 8am in the ANU Sport Dojo.

3 June: Pilates
6 June: Stretch & Flex
8 June: Yoga
10 June: Pilates
15 June: Yoga
17 June:Pilates

Stretch and Flex is a class designed to increase flexibility through dynamic/static stretching, joint mobility and self mobilization of soft tissue.
Yoga will be a relaxing flow suitable for all skill levels.
Pilates focuses on mobility, core strength, posture and body awareness. Pilates can assist in strengthening for injury prevention as well as postural and pelvic floor issues.

Register here, and don't forget to bring along your student card: https://sportandwellbeing.anu-sport.com.au/Products/387