Meet Aurora! Our New Female Personal Trainer!

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Aurora is available for individual sessions and will be running our Female-Identifying Only Gym short course!


Likes: Almond croissants & hitting my daily step goal 

Dislikes: Morning alarms & bananas 


Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into PT:  
I had my own personal fitness and mindset goals for the longest time but didn’t have the knowledge or guidance to get there. I hired a personal trainer and learnt so much through her, it helped make exercise and going to the gym not only a means to meet my goals but to also created a space I felt comfortable. I ended up becoming a qualified PT to further my own fitness journey, and help women who were like me, and want to start kicking their fitness & well-being goals.


How would you describe your training style?  
Primarily strength training. I love feeling strong & there’s nothing as rewarding as working your way up to a new personal best. I also love aerobic/cardio training and always leave room for that. 


What advice would give to first time gym goers?  
Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Ask a personal trainer, ask someone who’s doing an exercise you like but aren’t sure how to do it. Everyone in the gym was a first timer once too, we’re all here to help. 


What’s your favourite exercise?  
I’m a sucker for leg day. Hip thrusters are great, so are squats of any variation.


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