Group Fitness Going Strong!

Photo of a group fitness trainer and their group. The group is in pairs holding a plank position with their feet next to each other

NEWS: As we keep adapting to the 'new normal', we're listening to what members want

As we pick up our strength and keep adapting to the "new normal", our Group Fitness classes keep thriving and we listen to your demands! 

So, we have new classes and new times! You can now participate in any of our 47 Group Fitness classes. These include a new GRIT strength class on Monday at 6:30 am where you can start the week the best way in the shortest amount of time; two new RPM classes on Tuesday night at 5:30 pm and Thursday lunchtime at 12:15 pm to help you stay on top your cardiovascular health; a new Yoga class at 7 am on Thursday morning that would help you relax the mind and body; a new Body Pump class on Friday lunchtime at 12:15 pm to end the work/study week on a high note. Also, we brought back Stretch and Flexibility on Wednesday lunchtime at 12:15 pm!

As more classes are here, we have new amazing instructors and some of our favourite instructors are returning. We would like to welcome to the Body Pump team Jenny Lai, and welcome back the wonderful Lynn Materne (for Body Pump), Jackie Crombie (for Body Pump), Brett Harris (for Body Pump), Szabin a Horvath (for GRIT) and Dan Leung (for Body Attack)

Full Group Fitness Timetable Here