Eye on Group Fitness: Tactical

Person w barbell

Take your fitness intensity up to another level!


TACTICAL FITNESS is an intense freestyle group fitness class, which is made up of 2-4 workout sets over one-hour. 

The focus of these workouts varies from strength-specific, power and agility-focused to cardio intensive and endurance-based. 

You can expect the opportunity to try complex movements and heavy weights for your ability, under the supervision and guidance of a qualified trainer. 

Our trainers account for varying abilities and injuries by providing individual exercise modification. Tactical is a fun, friendly and fast-paced class that regularly books out. Get in quick! 

NOTE: Although trainers always cater to different abilities, TACTICAL FITNESS aims to provide a more technically challenging workout than CIRCUIT. 

Smash out a TACTICAL FITNESS class at ANU Sport’s versatile Level-3 training centre.

All members are eligible for a class. 

WHAT: Tactical Fitness (for members and visitors).

Monday - 5:30pm 
Tuesday – 6:30am
Wednesday – 6:30pm
Thursday - 6:30am
Thursday - 12:15pm
Saturday – 9:00am
Saturday – 10:15am
Sunday – 10:00am

WHERE: Level-3, ANU Sport  

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