Eye on Group Fitness: Pilates

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MINI FEATURE: Challenging the myth - Pilates is NOT just a rehab class.                                

If you have ever suffered an injury, then you have probably heard about Pilates.

Pilates is a proven, world-renowned exercise class that allows rehabbers the benefits of improved flexibility, strength, muscle toning and breath-body control, without risking injuries or unnecessary pressures on the joints and body.

What is less well known is Pilates’ role in preventing injury for a wide range of athletes, from gym users to team sports and individual athletes.

Pilates plays a key role in boosting your flexibility, strength, as well as your joint mobility, allowing sportspeople the ideal preparation for their next exercise session – whatever it may be!

Give Pilates a try at ANU Sport. All members are eligible for a class. 

WHAT: ANU Sport now offers a dedicated Pilates class weekly for members and visitors.
WHEN: 12.15 Wednesday
WHERE: Blue Room, ANU Sport

Further information about any of our 50+ weekly group fitness classes can be found at the following link: https://www.anu-sport.com.au/fitness-centre/group-fitness-timetable

Keep reaching your fitness goals at ANU Sport!