International Yoga Week

Group of people doing yoga outside

Saturday is International Yoga Day – all around the world, people will be celebrating by putting their busy schedules on hold and taking part in this ancient practise of movement, strength, spirituality and mindfulness.

The benefits of yoga are far greater than simply increased flexibility – it also builds muscle strength to held protect from joint conditions and back pain, improves your posture, bone health and core strength, increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure, and much more.

The Australian Fitness Academy explains that yoga’s focus on connecting your movement with your breath will ground you in the present and allow you to practise mindfulness, reducing your stress levels, anxiety and tensions you might be holding, both physically and mentally. You’ll sleep better and be more focused and productive at work or study once you’re finished!

ANU Sport offers a variety of yoga classes throughout the week which are included in the price of your gym membership – whether you’re a complete beginner or a yoga enthusiast, we have a class and instructor for you! Our yoga classes are graded from 1 (beginner) to 3 (experienced) to help you select the perfect class - check out our group fitness timetable today!

If you’re a postgraduate or undergraduate student at the ANU, you can attend a yoga class for free each Saturday at 10am – just register at the front desk, and don’t forget your student card and a bottle of water.