Short Courses

The ANU Sport Short Courses provide the ANU community with a chance to be involved in or host a wellbeing course over several weeks. The purpose of the Short Courses is to provide non-traditional and innovative programs that allow participants to stay fit and healthy whilst learning something new.

See further information below on how to participate or deliver a Short Course!

Participating in a Short Course

Individuals can register to participate in Short Courses via the following links:

Introduction to Mitt Work


No matter what form of combat sport you’re into (or want to get into), mittwork is a must. This four-week course will take you through a range of drills using focus mitts, thai-pads and kickshields to improve your offensive skills (punches, kicks, angles, combinations), hone your defences (blocking, parrying, slipping, rolling) and give you practice moving against a live person in a safe, cooperative environment. This course is suitable for all people of any level of skill, any level of fitness. It is a stand-alone course, but students wanting to continue after the four weeks are welcome to keep training with the ANU Kung Fu club.

When: Wednesdays 5pm-6pm, 11 Aug-1 Sept

Who: Anyone!

Cost: $50 for ANU Students, $60 for gym members, $80 general

How to register? Click to register for the program


Swing Dancing


Our four-week course will teach you some introductory moves and technique that will allow you to build your confidence and provide the foundations and confidence to start taking weekly classes if you're keen, and will provide the basis for you to take your dancing to the social floor.

Comfortable shoes (most swing dancers don’t wear heels), water bottle, snacks, deodorant, spare t-shirt, small towel, band aids – swing dancing is exercise, and you may well break a sweat, so be prepared.

Got a friend you've been trying to coax along to weekly lessons? This is the perfect chance for them to try pressure-free, and in no time we'll have them hooked on this wonderful world of swing dancing that we all love.

No need to register with a partner (although you can!). We rotate partners throughout the workshop – a great way to meet new people, all sharing the same fun learning experience.

When: Mondays 2-3pm, 9 - 30 August

Who: Anyone!

Cost: $40 for ANU Students, $60 general

How to register? Click HERE to register for the program


Delivering a Short Course

Short Courses can be run by ANU clubs or commercial businesses. ANU Sport offers two program structures in which clubs or businesses can deliver their program.

Option 1: Managed by the club/business

The club/business is responsible for the organisation, promotion, management of ticket sales, facility hire and delivery of the course. The club/business pays ANU Sport an administration fee for promotional assistance. 

Option 2: Managed by ANU Sport

ANU Sport administers the course and pays a facilitator fee to the club/business that covers their instructor costs. ANU Sport is responsible for all administration and operational costs of the course and will retain all income from ticket sales. The club/business is responsible for the delivery of the course.

For more information on how to run or be involved in a short course please fill in the request form below or email Sport Officer - Student Engagement Programs, Britt Tully (britt [dot] tullyatanu-sport [dot] com [dot] au).

Request Form

If you are wanting to organise or get involved in a program for 2021, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can do our best to accommodate.