Caleb Antill - ANU Sport Scholarship Recipient 2019


Congratulations to the 2019 recipient of the ANU Sport Scholarship, Caleb Antill. 

Caleb is currently studying a double degree in commerce and science, majoring in management and psychology and minoring in business and economics essentials, and social psychology. Caleb hopes to use this broad range of knowledge in the future to pursue a career in the consulting space, hopefully focussing on leadership, team dynamics and high performance. 

“This year I will be competing for Australia in Rowing, specifically the heavyweight men's quadruple scull in which I won a silver medal at the 2018 World Championships.”

Caleb started rowing in school, and after taking a break in 2014, he took up the sport with a renewed passion in the 2015/16 season.

“I love rowing firstly because I love racing. I'm a naturally competitive person and the thrill of testing myself against the best is what I live for. Rowing is an extremely difficult sport, so the challenge just keeps me coming back for more.”

“I love the team aspect of the sport, I have formed some of my closest friendships through rowing and I'm proud to be part of the Australian rowing team. My selection into the team has allowed me to travel to amazing parts of Europe, and most importantly, miss the worst of Canberra winter for the past 3 years!”

Caleb believes that the discipline, organisation, communication and team work skills he has learned from his sport can't be taught in a classroom.

“I am excited to be receiving this scholarship because it will help me continue my studies at ANU whilst balancing my sporting career. It's important for me to be working towards a career after sport and exploring my abilities in other areas outside of the boat. This scholarship will provide me with the help to continue balancing my studies whilst pursuing Olympic Qualification this year.”

For prospective students looking to pursue their sporting goals through university, Caleb has the following advice:

“Absolutely continue pursuing your sporting dreams, no matter what. University is essential for your future, however the skills, relationships and happiness you'll gain from pursuing your choice of sport is extremely important. To do this, you'll need to be well organised and make use of the resources available to you which includes this fantastic new scholarship as well as the elite athlete support provided by Access and Inclusion at ANU.” 

Caleb Antill represented Australia at the 2016 World Rowing U23 Championships in the U23 Men's Quadruple Scull. The Canberra-local claimed gold alongside Tom Schramko, Luke Letcher and Rob Black and the following year was selected to join the Reinhold Batschi Men's National Training Centre. Antill, having not been selected for the Senior Team for 2017, was selected to represent Australia in the U23 Men's Single Scull at the 2017 World Rowing U23 Championships. Antill finished sixth overall, and upon his return to Canberra was selected as the Senior Men's Sculling reserve for the 2017 World Rowing Championships. In 2018, Antill was selected to race in the Men's Quadruple Scull that will compete at World Rowing Cups 2 and 3.

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