Board Member Profile: Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan completed his Commerce degree in 2019, majoring in Economics and Finance. He is planning to undertake his Honours year in Economics in 2021, having deferred from 2020 after COVID took Canberra by storm in March. He is a coach and current Vice-President of the ANU Football Club, an avid gym-goer, former member of the ANU Tennis Club, a former resident of Fenner Hall (now Gowrie Hall) and a former Economics tutor (S1 2020). 

In his role as Vice-President of the ANU Football Club and together with his loyal and committed team, he has: 

•    improved the governance of the club through the drafting of a new constitution, the publication in real-time of committee meeting minutes and the drafting of club position duties & responsibilities.

•    developed the clubs first ever strategic plan.

•    improved communication with members through the creation of a new website, the re-launch of the ANU SSoccer Club United Magazine in its new format which is now in its 30th year of publication and the establishment of a club member mailing list.

•    undertaken strategic maneuvers that have protected the financial status of the club as it navigates the COVID crisis, such as taking 50% of our training and games off campus to take advantage of the ACT Sportsgrounds free field hire and ensuring the continuation of the partnership with our major Sponsor Hellenic.

•    improved player welfare and diversity & inclusion through the drafting & adoption of anti-bullying, anti drug, anti-gambling, anti-smoking, anti-racism and diversity & inclusion policies.

•    established communication with the ANU Women's Football Club, and collaboratively worked on social events, football tournaments and ANU Sport Board representation.

•    improved accountability of property and equipment. 

The introduction of a competing gym on campus, the capacity constraints of facilities on campus, the ANU 30-Year Master Plan and the recent COVID pandemic present some of the difficult challenges Jonathan recognises that ANU Sport face in the coming years. Jonathan is looking to bring his commitment, energy and passion to his role on the ANU Sport Board, and looks forward to making some real progress in ensuring ANU Sport can continue to be the home of Sport on campus.