Board Member Profile: Claire Eaton

Claire Eaton

Claire is currently a second-year student at the Australian National University studying a Bachelor of International Security Studies and a Bachelor of Languages with a major in Arabic.

She joined the ANU Women’s Football Club in 2019 where she is heavily involved with the club, currently playing in Division One and serving as treasurer for the club. ANUWFC is the largest female football club in the ACT and so her work as treasurer and on the executive of the club has been a steep learning curve that she has loved and learnt so much from. Claire's involvement in sport at ANU also includes competing at the Division One Uni Sport Nationals and playing in multiple ISO disciplines in 2019. 

Claire has been exceptionally passionate about sport for as long as she can remember, being involved in volunteering at a young age. In 2015, she became one of the youngest accredited Little Athletics NSW officials at the age of 14. In the same year, commencing her football coaching career. Claire grew up playing football in community league competitions and in women’s premier league competitions, but never had a female coach. Being in a coaching position as a respected female athlete and as a role model to young women undoubtedly founded her passion for coaching and women in sport.

In the last five years Claire has expanded my coaching credentials to softball, hockey, touch football and athletics across all ages from kindergarten kids to athletes far older than myself. Currently she works at two local schools in Canberra, coaching football in their girls junior leagues.