ANU Sport’s 2019 Board of Directors

The 2019 ANU Sport Board is comprised of a variety of qualified and talented individuals, both elected by our membership and appointed by the endorsed members of the Board. The Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the ANU Sport & Recreation Association Inc.

Recent constitutional changes have stipulated that out of a maximum of 10 Board directors, six will be elected by the membership, up to 3 will be appointed by the Board Directors and the University is able to appoint 1 Director.   During our elections in May, the following individuals were elected to the Board:

  • Jacqui Williams
  • Neil Parsons
  • Kyle Wood
  • Warren Fletcher
  • Lachlan Smith
  • Scott Joblin

Since their ratification, the aforementioned Board directors appointed the following individuals to the Board, in addressing both gender and skills balance.   

  • David Luchetti
  • Holly Stapledon

Professor Stephen Milnes retained his position at the ANU appointed Board Director. 

The Board Directors conducted executive elections, in line with the new Board Charter, and the result of these elections is below.

  • President - David Luchetti
  • Vice – President - Jacqui Williams
  • Treasurer - Neil Parsons

David and Holly will be appointed Directors until the 2020 annual general meeting.  

In the appointment and subsequent election of President, David Luchetti, the Board has made a strategic decision to provide stability and continuity in a year of change.  At the forefront of this decision was a desire to implement a succession plan, providing training and development opportunities for Directors looking to nominate for the President’s role in the future.   

The Board acknowledges and respects David’s decision to fulfill his appointment for a year, but not stand for re-election in 2020. 

If you have any questions about the Board, or about the governance of ANU Sport, please feel free to contact the ANU Sport CEO, Katrina O’Mahony, at Katrina [dot] Omahonyatanu-sport [dot] com [dot] au.