ANU Sport Board Profiles

The Board, subject to the Constitution, or any regulations: 

  • controls the affairs of the Association.
  • may make, approve, adopt, interpret and amend, from time to time, such regulations consistent with this Constitution as for the proper advancement, management and administration of the Association.
  • may exercise all functions that may be exercised by the Association other than those functions that are required by this Constitution to be exercised by the Association in general meeting.
  • has power to delegate to Committees and individuals subject to clause 25.
  • has power to perform all acts and do all things that appear to the Board to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the Association.

The current ANU Board consists of the following members:

Ms. Jacqueline Williams ( President) 
Mr. Neil Parsons (Treasurer) 
Mr. Kyle Wood (Vice President) 
Mr. Greg Badcock 
Ms. Jenny Church 
Mr. James Brann
Mr. Jesse Kerrison 
Mr. Riley Hawke
Ms. Monique Manning
Ms. Laura Sant’Ana