3 Reasons Why Personal Trainers are Important, and You Should Try Them!

3 Reasons Why Personal Trainers are Important, and you should try them

Personal trainer (PT), a scary being that most people imagine as an extremely tough person with a loud military general kind of voice, constantly commanding you do to more reps and sets. PTs are not like this at all because they are also humans. PTs are highly experienced and knowledgeable people in the world of health and fitness, who are extremely supportive when it comes to helping their clients. Allowing a PT to help you with your fitness goals is the best way to ensure that you achieve your fitness goals in an effective and timely manner. Here are 3 reasons why you need a PT in your life:


Customized Workout Plan


First, understand that no body is the same and a general workout plan will not work for everybody. There are many factors in a person’s body that influence their fitness progress. Before starting any sort of workout, a person first needs to understand their body type. There are 3 different body types which include Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. Finding out which body type you are is not insanely difficult, however, does requires some experience to be accurate. This is where a PT can you help you. Your PT would simply do some basic tests (non-medical), ask you a few questions and then let you know which body type you are. Then, depending on which body type you are, you will get a customized workout plan that suits your body type, which will help you reach your health and fitness goals. This all sounds pretty good, but PTs go further in customizing your workout plan. They will then look at your physical strengths and weaknesses, your stamina, agility and other things to further customize the workout plan for you. Now, the workout plan that you will receive at the end of this process is the most effective way for you to get results because that plan was designed for you and you only.  


Learn Proper Technique


Learning proper technique for exercises, especially when using machines in the gym, is crucial to avoid injuries and to workout your muscles effectively. There are over 650 muscles in a human body and while we do not utilize all our muscles during workouts, most of them are still used. Because so many muscles are used even for the most basic exercises like push-up or squats, chances of injuring a single muscle or a group of muscles is high. A simple thing like not contracting your shoulder back during pushup can cause injury in your front deltoids (shoulders). However, at the same time, contracting your shoulders back during a pushup pushes your chest out, helping initiate the chest muscle and contract it more effectively. These simple but effective tips and tricks are something that you cannot learn overtime and you need someone experienced to show you the proper form and technique for each exercise in your customized workout plan.




Not everyone is capable of staying motivated enough to workout regularly. If you can, then that is amazing, and you should be proud because that is something that is genuinely hard to do. However, for people who require more motivation to pursue their health and fitness goals, PTs are a godsent. It is human nature and an old Jedi mind-trick that we tend to push ourselves harder to perform better when someone is watching us. PTs can do the same for you while ensuring that you are going through your workout properly, performing exercises with the correct form and technique, spotting you during any exercise if needed, and always pushing you in a positive way to work harder. Therefore, if the first two reasons were not enough, this last reason should motivate you to consider PTs 😉


Cool, you reached the end of the article, meaning you must have agreed with something that we talked about. If you did and are interested in booking a session with one of our PTs at ANU Sport, visit here to find out about our amazing PT staff and book a session with them!