Elite Athletes

ANU Sport believes in the value of helping Elite Athletes to excel in their chosen sport. We are lucky to be able to provide a number of programs and opportunities for our Elite Athletes on campus, including Elevate @ANU Sport (our EA training program) and the Elite Athletes Travel Grant (details in the dropdown below).

Elevate is ANU Sport’s premier athlete strength and conditioning program. It focuses heavily on the development of the physical performance capabilities required for competitive sport through individualised training programs delivered in fully supervised training sessions. The training environment created by Elevate@ANU Sport is one which demands high standards from each athlete and delivers measurable outcomes. Structured around a culture of support, positivity and athlete welfare, Elevate offers individual and club programs. Those athletes who commit to the process of improvement and achieving their potential will recognise the true value on this program! Our head coach, Billy Mason, is knowledgable and passionate about helping atheletes across all sports to reach their full potential!

Individual Programs provide individualised programming and training prescription, tailored to each specific athlete and their goals, fully supervised and coached training sessions, and sport performance testing and assessment. Our club programs are targeted towards agroups up to 25 in number, aiming to improve their team's performance in their sport. Intensive and tailored programs will assit your team in excelling like never before! 

Individual athelete applications are open between 9th July and 7th August, with the program running 20th August (2018) to 19th February (2019). Please fill in this application form and send it to billy.mason@anu-sport.com.au If you wish to express your interest, but aren't ready to apply just yet, feel free to fill out this expression of interest form!

One of ANU's elite athletes, Rebecca Beath, has been generous ennough to share her incredible experience with Elevate:

Bec is an Alliance Women’s Open representative and one of the best athletes within the TFA Alliance Program. Her pathway started during primary school, where she spent recess and lunchtimes playing against the boys. She played her first inter school tournament in year 5 and hasn’t looked back since. Bec represented NSW in the 2016 State of Origin Series, playing with and against the best female talent in the country. Off the football field, Bec is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering at ANU. 

Why did you choose to get involved with the Elevate program?
"I’d never really known much about gym work and how it could help me in my touch football endeavours. The Elevate program was perfect for me to learn what I could do in gym to specifically improve my touch football. It was also extremely convenient to be able to train, study and work all at the same location."

What was the best thing that you got out of being involved in the Elevate program?
"Discovering that there’s a lot you can do specifically for your chosen sport through functional exercises. I could see improvement in my overall fitness and match performances."

What has your experience been like juggling your sporting pursuits with your study commitments at the ANU? Do you have any advice for students considering getting involved with Elevate? 
"It’s so convenient being able to train at Uni. If you find yourself struggling with motivation (as I do sometimes), it’s easier to get yourself to the gym and into a workout. It’s tough balancing Uni life with my sporting endeavours – especially when it comes to second semester when I travel to Sydney twice a week to train and play for the Manly Sea Eagles. I’ve learnt that it’s important to prepare and stay on top of when things are due. I’ve found lecturers and tutors are also very understanding when it comes to juggling my sporting pursuits. I’ve also appreciated the time management skills I’ve developed as a result of juggling a sporting career at the same time. 100%. Go for it!" 

What’s it like working with our head coach, Billy?
"Billy really knows his stuff! He dedicates himself to your improvement as well as making sure that you understand why you're doing what you’re doing."

Elevate Pricing Details Click here for duration and pricing details.

All Individual Elevate memberships are 6 months in duration, with the cost as follows:

ANU Student; 6 months upfront @ $635
ANU Student; 6 months direct debit @ $49/fortnight

ANU Sport member; 6 month upfront @ $975 upfront
ANU Sport member; 6 month direct debit @ $75/fortnight

General; 6 month upfront @ $1300
General; 6 month upfront @ $100/fortnight

For club program enquiries, pricing and scheduling, please contact Billy Mason

Elite Athlete Travel Grant The ANU Sport Elite Athlete Travel Grant is a program available to current ANU students to provide assistance in order for them to attend and participate in sporting events in Australia and around the world. The Elite Athlete Travel Grant reflects ANU Sport’s commitment to support athletes who seek to excel in their sport and academics.

Student Athlete Eligibility

Funding for representative support is only available to students who are enrolled at the Australian National University (ANU) at the time of participating in the event for which they are applying to receive funding. Preference for this funding will be given to applicants who are registered at the ANU with the Elite Athlete Friendly University program through the office of Access and Inclusion.


The Elite Athlete Travel Grant will provide funding of 30% of total travel associated costs (i.e. flights, accommodation, uniforms etc.) up to $1,000 to successful applicants. There are only a limited number of grants available annually and pro-rata funding will apply when an exceptional number of applications are received.
Application All applications must be made prior to the date of competition. Any applications made to the Elite Athlete Travel Grant after the date of competition will not be accepted unless under exceptional circumstances. Applications for the Elite Athlete Travel Grant can be made HERE (add link to the form).


Funding support is only available to students of the ANU who are selected to represent Australia by a National Sporting Organisation or Australian University Sport in an underage or open/senior team. Preference will be given to those applicants who compete for ANU Sport through affiliated clubs and at National University Championships. Elite Athlete Travel Grant funding is only to be used to help ANU athletes meet the actual costs associated with competition which can include:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Internal Travel
  • Uniforms
  • Registration
  • Other official costs

A cost breakdown of travel associated costs must be provided upon application, including receipts of payments where applicable.

Successful applicants will be required to:

  • Complete a Student-Athlete Profile
  • Complete a Post Competition Report
  • Be available to assist with ANU Sport promotional activities.

For more information regarding the Elite Athlete Travel Grant, including terms and conditions, please contact Billy Mason.

Elite Athlete Friendly University In October 2004 ANU became a member of the national network of Elite Athlete Friendly Universities.

In October 2004 ANU became a member of the national network of Elite Athlete Friendly Universities. We aim to identify elite athletes and assist them in the development of skills to help them successfully balance their sporting and academic aspirations.

Current and new students to the University can apply for Elite Athlete Status with ANU Access & Inclusion, who will assist you with establishing an Elite Athlete Education Access Plan (EAEP) in order to support you in meeting the requirements of your degree. Find out more about the benefits and assistance provided to ANU students who are identified as elite athletes by visiting the ANU Access & Inclusion Elite Athlete Status website.