Intervarsity Sport at ANU

Intervarsity sport is a relativley new program in Australia but is taking off in a big way. Intervarsity sport gives  ANU Students an opportunity to represent their university and be part of their own classic sporting moments as budding rivalries grow. This is an opportuntiy for current students to be part of something big, think March Madness or Football Bowl Season in the USA. Intervarsity sport is an opportunity for ANU Students to play highly competitive sport against the best Australian Universities have to offer in the only Student vs Student program available.

Intervarsity sport started at ANU in 2014 with the first ANU v UC intervarsity Challenge. The Challenge featured 9 sports with UC winning 5-4. In 2015 ANU exacted revenge in an expanded program with 14 sports, winning 9-5. In 2016 UC will host the Challenge for the first time.

In 2015 ANU also played host to the University of Melbourne in an exhibition match that featured as a trial match for a new University AFL league concept. After going down to melbourne at home in 2015 ANU will be seeking an upset when the team travels to the heartland of Australian Rules Football in 2016 for the return fixture.  

Finally in October 2015 ANU hosted the University of Canberra in a nail bitting T20 Cricket Match. Both sides managed 133 runs in perfect conditions to send the match to a super over, with UC winning 12-11, a result befitting the growing rivalry between the two institutions. 


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