Personal Trainer Rewards & Recognition

Personal Trainers with clients

In our team of fantastic personal trainers, there is certainly no lack of talent, drive or passion... We'd like to introduce Alex, Emily and Nikola, our top performers from the last quarter!

Alex completed a whopping 72 personal training sessions across the period. Alex tries to make sure his clients are enjoying their training, because the most important part of improving your strength or fitness is consistently applying yourself, which is always easier if it’s enjoyable. 

He thinks that strength training is one of the most important elements of a well-rounded workout: "Everyone should do some sort of strength training. Whether that’s an athlete wanting to improve sport performance, or an older person wanting to improve bone density and reduce falls risk, strength training is hugely important!"

Emily conducted 62 sessions with her dedicated clients over the period. Our resident lifting specialist, Emily believes her success as a personal trainer comes from the trust that she and her clients share.

"They trust me to put together great programs that will help them see results, and I trust them to tell me when something isn’t working, or they have an injury for example. Together we’ve been able to achieve fantastic goals together, and I look forward to being a part of so many more journeys in the future!"

Nikola has achieved a total of 56 sessions in this period, and believes he is a good PT because of the great fitness results of his magnificent clients.

Nikola’s key fitness philosophy? Balance is the key of the universe: chase your dreams with small but consistent steps!

Congrautlations to our entire PT team for their achievements this quarter. If you're looking to organise a session to get your fitness planning on track, visit our booking form here