Interhall Sport (ISO) Spotlight: Meet Austin, Ashy, Jenny & Aditya!

Meet those people who made the competition even better with their amazing presence!

Group of people standing with a Frisbee on a synthetic sports field.

Celebrating Interhall Sport (ISO) 2019!

ANU Sport congratulates John XXIII College who came out on top, winning the Sports Shield!

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer Rewards & Recognition

In our team of fantastic personal trainers, there is certainly no lack of talent or drive!


Merchandise Survey

Rate our current merch and tell us what you'd like to see in 2020!

Marine & Kazi, Customer Service Officers

Customer Service Rewards & Recognitions Launch

Meet our top performing customer service staff members for the quarter – Marine, Ellie and Kazi!

Group of girls standing in-front of trophy shield with medals around their necks.

Victory for the ANU Women’s Hockey Club!

Congratulations to the ANU Women’s Hockey Club for their wins at Capital League 1 and 2.

Ultimate Disc team

Disc Player Hannah Wins Martin Laird Encouragement Award

More great results from the ANU Ultimate Disc team!

ANU Sport celebrates mental health month this October 2019

ANU Sport Celebrates Mental Health Month

ANU Sport for the entire month of October will help raise awareness for Mental Health Month.

Group of women standing behind a small banner and two of the women in the middle holding a trophy.

Victory for the ANU Australian Football Club (ANUAFC)!

Congratulations to ANUAFC for getting all three teams into the AFL Canberra 2019 Finals series.

Group of people standing in front of yoga mats.

Balancing on Mt Stromlo!

The BodyBalance class ran at Mt Stromlo for the ANU Solar Thermal Group

8 scull-rowing

Learn to Row with the ANU Boat Club

This beginners program starts soon - get in quick!

Girl riding stationary bike

Les Mills Seasonal Launch Party

Sun, 29 Sep 2019 - Sun, 29 Sep 2019

Check out the new music & moves for the season's group fitness!