ANU Sport-Star: Meet Austin!

Austin Bird

“It’s really important for students and their mental health to have ways to get physical exercise. Sport on campus is a great study break and a way to get out and meet new people, as opposed to getting run down by assignments!”

Austin has been involved in a number of different areas of sport on campus, including playing social sport, participating in the ANU Interhall Sport competition, as well as representing ANU at the Australian and Eastern University Games for frisbee, football and netball across 2017 and 2018. He is also a member of the Ultimate Disc Club! 

We at ANU Sport are able to provide accessible ways to get involved in sport and recreation at ANU, like social sport, funding for sporting and recreational clubs, free group fitness, Interhall Sport and subsidised fees for University Games, with the generous help of SSAF funding: that’s the fee you pay at the beginning of each teaching period alongside your tuition fees which helps the university to provide vital services which support you during your studies!

Austin says that sport is definitely among the top three areas that he thinks SSAF should be allocated to. “It’s a way for people from different walks of life to meet and look after their mental health and socialise.”