Inward Bound Race Directors EOI Open

INward BOund Race Winners

The Interhall Sport Organisation (ISO) in association with ANU Sport would like to invite nominations for the role of Inward Bound Race Coordinator for 2020. Applications will be reviewed by the executive committee of the ISO, ANU Sport and an ANU staff representative.

In appointing the Inward bound Race Director, ISO, ANU Sport and the ANU staff representative shall consider the candidate’s experience as a participant and/or race organiser in previous Inward Bound events. Candidates must be a member of ANU Sport (if not currently, the successful candidate must join the Association on appointment) but need not be a member of the ISO or a Resident.

The Inward Bound Race Director will be responsible for:

  • The organisation of the Inward Bound event for the year following their appointment;

  • Ensuring that all legal, risk management and safety procedures are implemented and monitored;

  • In conjunction with the ISO executive committee, appoint individuals to the Inward Bound Student Organising Committee;

  • Proposing to the ISO any costs or levies that any participating Residence will be required to contribute in order to participate in the event;

  • Administering the costs and fees associated with Inward Bound;

  • Recording and collating all information and relevant documentation and delivering this to the Sport Intern and Secretary of ISO on acquittal of the event;

  • Regular correspondence with the ISO, ANU Sport and the DSL during the preparation of the event; and

  • Assisting with the restructuring of the Race Director role to make the event more sustainable.

  • Continue to develop and put into practice Inward Bound’s inclusion initiatives that were established in 2019

Applications are to consist of the following components:

  • Personal information and contact details (including age and college affiliation if applicable) – CV is preferred;

  • Statement addressing Inward Bound experience (both as an organiser and competitor);

  • Statement addressing capacity to deliver an outstanding and safe event;

  • Statement addressing ability to deliver the event aligned with inclusion initiatives; and

  • Other applicable experience (both competitive and administrative).

Joint (Co-Race Directorship) applications will be considered.

Applicants are required to apply in writing to Britt Tully

Applications close Friday the 8th of November 2019 5pm.

 Interviews will be conducted on Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th November.

For full Inward Bound rules please see

For any further information, including information on the role or how to apply, please do not hesitate to contact or visit the Inward Bound Facebook page: