Intro to Judo

Judo is a dynamic sport that can assist you in gaining Fitness, Strength and Flexibility. It is practiced widely throughout the world under one set of rules and guidelines. What you learn at one club will be the same style/technique as you would learn elsewhere.The basic techniques of Judo are divided into throwing and ground work techniques. The aim is to throw your opponent to the mat with a throwing technique and when not in a standing position to use grappling techniques classified as immobilizations, strangles or arm locks.

Whether you have Olympic aspirations or simply wish to enjoy the recreational benefits of Judo, the ANU Judo Club can assist you. The beginners course is designed to teach the basic principles of Judo and to enable you to practice various techniques with confidence. You will learn how to fall without  injury, improve your balance and co-ordination and be able utilize an opponent's strengths and aggression to your advantage. Some participants even use Judo to develop themselves for other sports.

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BLOCK 1, 2018
Day Thursday
Time 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Start date 1st March 2018
End date 29th March 2018
Duration 5 Sessions
Venue Dojo Room
ANU Student Price $50
ANU Sport Member Price $65
General Member Price $80