UC retain Intervarsity Shield

At the smartest sporting contest in town, The Australian National University (ANU) took on The University of Canberra (UC) in the third installment of the Intervarsity Challenege. A total of 13 sports were contested across 18 fixtures - and more than 350 participants. ANU won the inaugrual contest in 2015 (9-6) but succumbed to UC in 2016 (11-6). This year, UC managed to retain the title despite one fixture remaining due to it being postponed. The end result was 11-7 to UC.

Intervarsity sport is re-emerging on the sporting calendar for the nation’s capital. Mick Brady, CEO of ANU Sport said “The purpose of this Intervarsity sporting event is to give the students a chance to represent their University in a student-only local contest". The concept aims to bring people together through sport and developing a competitive rivalry between the two Universities. "It creates a sense of community and pride at the Universities through sport"

Students representing the ANU thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to compete agaist their counterparts at UC. Sam Nixon from the Men's Football team mentioned “It was great to actually get the chance to put together our best team and take on UC, even better to come away with the victory in our game”. Meanwhile, Zoe Zhang, spoke on behlaf of the Mixe Touch Football team, commenting “Despite our team not winning it was great to be involved in the event, and it has set good foundations for sport at the university as it will only grow from here. ”

The day couldn’t have gone ahead without the efforts of staff from both ANU Sport and Sport at UC Life and the support from both organisations – a fantastic example of collaboration and team work. The spectators on the day created a great vibe and support base for the students, it was great to see the students getting around each other, thank you to all the spectators. Most importantly, a big thank you to all the players for competing in the event and putting in a solid effort to bring out their best possible form on the day. 

RESULTS were as follows:

  • Basketball Div. 1 Men’s – UC (55-33)
  • Basketball Women’s – UC (44-35)
  • Table Tennis – ANU (7-0)
  • Badminton – ANU (3-2)
  • Futsal Men's – UC (6-0)
  • Futsal Women's - UC (5-1)
  • Hockey Men – ANU (4-2)
  • Hockey Women's – ANU (2-0)
  • Touch – UC (6-2)
  • Netball – UC (48-12)
  • Football Men's – ANU (3-1)
  • Football Women's - UC (5-0)
  • Volleyball Men's – UC (3 -1)
  • Volleyball Women's – UC (3-0)
  • Ultimate – ANU (17 -10)
  • Netball - UC (48-12)
  • Tennis - ANU (3-2)
  • Squash - UC (2-1)
  • Rugby 7s – Postponed

UC coming away with the series, winning the contest 11 - 7.