Calm Abiding Meditation

Calm Abiding Meditation is a secular and universal technique of meditation that involves cultivating single-pointed concentration on a defined 'object of meditation'. It is a natural process that helps you to improve focus on ordinary tasks and makes you more relaxed and peaceful.

This technique of mindfulness has attracted much interest from modern scientific fields such as psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour, even sports trainers!

To learn to meditate it is vital to have an experienced teacher and a well defined path. This 5 week course will teach a new student the fundamentals of a lifelong meditation practice, that has the power to change lives.

In five weeks, this course will cover:

Week 1
Introduction to Calm Abiding meditation
Mindfulness of Body and the importance of posture
Establishing a regular routine

Week 2
Mindfulness of Feeling
Qualified Rounds of Breathing
Dealing with pain.

Week 3
Counting the breath
The first two Obstacles to quality Meditation
Engaging life with mindfulness 

Week 4
Super-Qualified Round of Breathing 
Increasing the affinity with the breath/feelings
Meditation and daily awareness 

Week 5
Three further Obstacles to quality meditation
The moderate approach

BLOCK 3, 2015
Day Thursday
Time 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Start date 30th July, 2015
End date 27th August, 2015
Duration 5 sessions
Venue North Oval Pavilion
ANU Student Price $50
ANU Sport Member Price $65
General Member Price $80