Get Active Short Courses - Semester 2, 2020

ANU Sport partners with some of our clubs to host their introductory programs - you can learn the beginning of Judo, Kendo and more! Each course differs in length with most courses running for between 5 and 10 weeks during semester-time.

All courses differ in cost, however all registrations for ANU students are subsidised to ensure our programs are accessible to all. Registrations are now open, so check below or follow our Facebook page for all the latest news!


Judo is an Olympic sport practised widely throughout the world under a common set of rules and guidelines. What you learn at one club will be the same style/technique as you would learn elsewhere.   The basic techniques of Judo are divided into throwing and ground work technique and then use grappling techniques comprising immobilisations, strangles or arm locks. Whether you have aspirations of becoming a future Olympic champion or wish merely to enjoy the recreational benefits of Judo, the club will provide comprehensive training to suit your needs.                 

Judo will help increase your fitness, strength, flexibility, and ability to fall without injury. It will improve your balance and coordination, self-preservation and confidence giving you some real skills.

FEES (5 Week Beginners Course) 
ANU Students ($60), Non Students ($90)  (Payable to club)

TRAINING in Dojo Room
We are currently organising training times as our regular times have been impacted by Covid19 restrictions. However, we are hoping to schedule our beginners course from next Thursday (6 Aug) as follows: 
5 week Beginners Course Thursdays 7-8pm (Commencing 6 Aug until 3 Sept)

Peter Chung  (Email: pchung93athotmail [dot] com)  
To Join: see 
More Info at 


ANU Jujutsu Club - Beginners Course 

The ANU Jujutsu Club has been affiliated with the ANU since 1976. It is the only martial arts club to have won the ANU Club of the Year award twice – in 1998 and 2004.

What is jujutsu? The ANU Jujutsu Club teaches traditional Japanese jujutsu, which uses strikes, joint locks, controls and throws to overcome an opponent. Traditional jujutsu is the foundation for most modern unarmed Japanese martial arts and is suitable for men and women – it does not depend on strength and speed, but instead relies on good technique and an understanding of human biomechanics.

Tell me about the ANU Jujutsu Club beginners course
This course is highly suited to men and women with or without prior martial arts experience. 
You will: 
•    improve your self-confidence, body awareness and conditioning
•    learn basic self defence 
•    become familiar with techniques from the first level of our syllabus (rolls, falls, strikes, locks, takedowns, grappling, basic throws).

Will I receive an opportunity to grade? If you decide to continue training after the beginners’ course, the ANU Jujutsu Club will offer you the opportunity to grade, as well as achieve a nationally recognised coaching qualification.

Who are the instructors? All of our coaches are accredited through the Australian Sports Commission – National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).
You will be taught by:
•    Jody Whymark 5th dan (black belt), Coach NCAS Level 3, and
•    Chris Manchester, 3rd dan (black belt), Coach NCAS Level 2
•    other accredited coaches.

Tell me more about the ANU Jujutsu Club
The focus of the ANU Jujutsu Club is to teach traditional Japanese jujutsu. The Club is a member of the International Jujutsu Institute (IJJI) and through it the Australian Jujitsu Federation. The IJJI was founded in 1956 by recognised jujutsu Grand Master Kam Hock Hoe and has clubs in Australia, Malaysia and Norway.

What is the difference between the jujutsu you teach and other martial arts?
The jujutsu that we teach is not a hybrid. The main difference between our jujutsu and other martial arts is that our system focuses on self defence including the use of strikes, joint locks, throws and controls. The focus for related martial arts such as modern judo is sports competition.

How do I join?
Semester 2, 2020 – To enrol in this course simply turn up to the first class on Monday 3 August or email jujutsuatanusra [dot] com [dot] au
Prospective participants are welcome to view training sessions before committing to the course. 

NOTE: The course is being offered this Semester as an initial 6 weeks, with the possibility of extension to 12 weeks. 


Days/Times: Monday, 7.30-8.00pm and Wednesday, 7.00-8.00pm 
Dates: Mon 3 Aug – Wed 9 Sep Initial 6 weeks course, then Mon 14 Sep – Wed 22 Oct, Extension to course
Venue: Dojo Room, David Cocking Sport & Recreation Centre (DCSRC) Building, The Australian National University ACTON ACT
Equipment: Loose fitting pants & t-shirt or a gi. Please do not wear accessories e.g. jewellery.
Cost: $90 – For an Students or Health Care Card holder, $105 all others

This is for the 6 week course cost. The same will apply to the extension 6 weeks. 

More information: Before joining you can visit one of our regular training sessions – for details go to

Email: jujutsuatanusra [dot] com [dot] au