Customer Service Rewards & Recognitions Launch

Marine & Kazi, Customer Service Officers

It’s high time that ANU Sport formally recognised the contributions and achievements of our front-line staff members: our customer services officers!

If you’ve ever purchased a membership, checked in for a booking, asked a question about our programs and facilities, or needed help with anything ANU Sport related, chances are that you’ve had an interaction with our incredible customer service staff.

This quarter, we’ve identified our three top performing staff members – Marine, Ellie and Kazi! We asked them a few questions about what they love about working with ANU Sport, and what they think is involved in being an excellent customer service representative.

What is your favourite aspect of working at ANU Sport?

“The relationships we build with customers, including all of the inside jokes, banter, and check-ins with what is happening in their lives” is what Marine thinks is the best part of being a part of the ANU Sport team.

Kazi says that by “working at the reception desk, I have the privilege of meeting so many members of our community in person and take as genuine an interest in their lives as they have with mine. From PhD Candidates to ANU College Students, from Senior Lecturers to public servants, our ANU Sport community is a diverse and inclusive one – one that I am lucky to be able to be of service.”

Ellie has “absolutely loved getting to know so many of our amazing members! The PT and CSO teams are incredible and definitely make the early wake ups and late nights worth it.”

What is your favourite/best member experience/memory?

Kazi: My best member experience was when I was working an early morning shift one day. I was doing some paperwork when two of my regular customers arrived for their usual Group Fitness Class. We spend a good five minutes chatting and catching up when they causally remarked, “oh, also we got married last weekend!” Seeing ANU Sport members living their best lives not only in fitness and wellbeing but also in their lives beyond our gym definitely reminds me that working at ANU Sport means being part of an active and positive community!

Marine: The time where a member nearly bought a pair of apple air-pods in order to remember their card details to buy a membership, and the number of jokes and the hilarity that has ensured is probably my favourite memory from working here.

Ellie: It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but I have really enjoyed forming meaningful connections and learning about so many of our regular members, even if it is just a quick hello each day. I feel very fortunate to have a job where I love coming to work every day!

What do you think makes a successful and effective customer service officer and how do you utilise this philosophy to go above and beyond for our members?

Marine: My philosophy is when someone has a good experience they’ll tell three people, but with a bad experience they will tell 10. I see it to mean that every person comes into the gym (but also more broadly into your life) with their own background and context. When you have a bad interaction with them, it will stick more readily than a good interaction, hence they will be more likely to go out and communicate this experience to others. I think that knowing this I aim to provide a good experience to each member every time I interact with them, not only to make sure life in general is nice and smooth, but also to input a bit of positivity each day.

Kazi: I believe perspective and value allows me to become an effective customer service officer. Through perspective, I am able to more actively meet the needs of our members and ensure that they feel valued. After all, the ANU Sport is an open, supportive, and healthy community!

Ellie: I believe that success within a Customer Service capacity relies heavily on your ability to form meaningful connections with members, in order to provide the best support for each individual and create an environment where every person feels included. ANU Sport fosters growth and connections between our members and staff, and in turn helps us as Customer Service Officers to assist our members to the best of our abilities.

As well as our top performances for this quarter, we’ve had a number of customer service officers reach some great anniversary milestones for their time at ANU Sport!

2.5 years

1 year

6 months

Congratulations to all our customer service staff this quarter – we can’t wait to see how you continue to develop and grow in your roles.

Ellie, Customer Service Officer
Ellie, Customer Service Officer


Kazi, Customer Service Officer
Kazi, Customer Service Officer


Marine, Customer Service Officer
Marine, Customer Service Officer