ANU Kung Fu Club

Although Yu Shih Tao Kung Fu traces its origins to the Hsuan Shu Monastery in the remote gorges of Szechuan, it strives to be a totally modern combative style - always seeking to better itself by abandoning out-dated techniques and developing new ones more suited to our present needs.

Students are expected to nurture a club atmosphere of mutual respect and non-competition. We require no uniform for training and we do not award grades (e.g. coloured belts). Relaxed and non-traditional in our approach to training, we emphasise effective fighting methods and concentrate on the rapid acquisition of practical techniques.

The aim of the club is to develop and train in an effective form of self-defence and to promote a rational, scientific appreciation of the combative arts.

The club provides all the basic equipment required to train and students are not required to purchase uniforms. Many students choose to buy their own boxing wraps and bag mitts, however, rather than share them, and this practice is encouraged.

Chris Bishop teaches Yu Shih Tao Kung Fu at the ANU. A security professional, Chris has trained Australians for operational roles in more than 30 countries, including Peacekeeping and Peace-monitoring deployments in 5 war zones.

Club Contact: 
Chris Bishop
6247 1527