ANU Judo Club

Judo is a dynamic Olympic sport practised widely throughout the world under one set of rules and guidelines. What you learn at one club will be the same style/technique as you would learn elsewhere.

The basic techniques of Judo are divided into throwing and ground work techniques. The aim is to throw your opponent to the mat with a throwing technique and when not in a standing position to use grappling techniques classified as immobilisations, strangles or armlocks. Fortunately, participants are taught how to safeguard themselves from injury and techniques are applied in a safe controlled manner.

Judo will help to increase your fitness, strength, strength, flexibility and ability to fall without injury. It will improve your balance and coordination, self preservation and confidence.


Location: ANU Dojo
Tuesday  8:30 pm - 9:45 pm
Thursday 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Intro course starts Thursday 1 March 18


ANU Sport Lifestyle Program (Beginners): ANU Students $50
ANU Sport Lifestyle Program (Beginners): ANU Sport Members $65
ANU Sport Lifestyle Program (Beginners): Others $80
ANU Student Non-Beginners: $60 per Semester
ANU Sport Member Non-Beginners: $80 per Semester plus $120 SRA Membership

Club Contact: 
Peter Chung
0427 415 391