ANU Futsal Club

ANU Futsal Club was established in 2012. We started with only 20 members and the club has grown to more than 70 members in the last few years. Club is somewhere students can train, learn skills in competitive game training and participate in competitions while improving themselves. We aim to capture all the talents, but also anyone who is interested in social Futsal and teach them how to play. Due to the hard work and support of our current and previous committees, our members and players are able to enjoy consistent Futsal facilities in Canberra.  In 2017, club members represented ANU Futsal Club to enter the Capital Futsal competition. Results were fantastic, with two teams finished at second place. The Club also participate in ANU Lunchtime Sports, Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services of the ACT (MARSS) Annual Competition. Where our teams were the champions and runners up in the MARSS competition. Our club has also taken the responsibility to set up teams for University Games. The club was responsible for trials, trainings and management of the team representing ANU. The Women team had yielded great results and players had positive feedback for the overall experience.


Tuesday: 6pm to 8pm

Thursday: 7pm to 9pm

Sunday: 4pm to 6pm

All sessions are held at the futsal courts in the ANU


ANU Students
********** Men’s **********
-        Competitive stream: $270 for the whole year. This package would allow members access to higher intensity sessions and a place in a capital futsal team. Furthermore, the club is looking for possible coaching services to be provided to competitive stream members. Members will also be provided with club jerseys. No additional costs will be required and members who are not able to or don’t want to join a Capital futsal team will be given a $120 refund.
-        Social stream: $90 for the whole year or $60 for one semester. Members will be given access to sessions of a lower intensity. This package is for people looking to have a kick around and for beginner level players. Capital teams will require additional costs of $188 for team registration and $40 for jerseys (subject to change).
********** Women’s **********
-        Competitive stream: $250 for the whole year. The package is the same as the men’s.
-        Social: $70 for the whole year or $60 for one semester. The package is the same as the men’s.

Non- ANU students will have the same fees and will need to be an ANU sport member - $120.


1st trial - 8th of March 2018 (Thursday)

2nd trial – To be announced

Club Contact: 
Julian Wong