Student Athlete Profile- Ben Freeman


What is your sport?

Ultra Marathon Swimmer

How many hours per week do you spend training/playing?

On average about 20 hours a week. Two hours in the morning from 5-7am and two in the afternoon from 5-7 pm

What study are you undertaking at ANU? What year of study are you in?

2nd year double degree in Commerce and Business Administration

How do you juggle the commitments of playing sport and studying?

I think time management is very important and this is something I have learned through sport. I also find training in the morning wakes me up and increases my productivity throughout the day.

Does sport assist you in your academic pursuits?

Yes absolutely, sport has allowed me to pursue more academic opportunities

Greatest sporting achievement.

Swimming the English Channel in 2015

What is your long term sporting goal?

Complete the Ocean 7's challenge. It is the seven hardest channel swims in the world and currently no Australian has completed it. I would also like to do an ice mile which is a mile swim in water under five degrees.

Who has had the greatest influence on your sporting career thus far?

Definitely my Mum, I wouldn’t be doing what I do without her.

Who is your sporting idol & why?

Don Riddington. In 2013 he was the oldest Australian to swim the English Channel at 68 year of age. I love his mental outlook on swimming and how he breaks down his swims into small pieces and chips away at it as he goes.

Any superstitions or unusual game day preparations?

I smother myself in Vaseline... this is to stop chafing while I swim, however this is nothing unusual. I also eat as much as I can the few days prior to carbo load

Tell us something interesting about you:

I grew up in a military family so we have travelled around the world. I have older twin sisters and a younger brother.

Favourite Music Artist:

Queen and Kanye

If you found yourself on Masterchef and had to cook one dish to win it all, what would your specialty dish be:

Pasta because I eat it all the time.