ANU Taekwon-Do Club

Taekwon-Do is the world’s most popular martial art and one of the most diverse! It includes self-defence, sparring, board breaking and patterns. Patterns (pre-arranged sequences of moves) teach you fundamental techniques, coordination, balance and flexibility. Sparring improves your agility and reflexes. Board breaking focuses on power and destructive techniques, while self-defence teaches awareness of your surroundings and how to protect yourself. The ANU Taekwon-Do Club has received numerous awards in recognition of the achievements of its members and its contribution to the sporting experience on campus. You will receive personalised training and can be assured of developing skills and self-confidence in a friendly and supportive environment which will challenge you and push you to your limits. It is perfect for both students with little to no martial arts experience, or those looking to build upon prior training.

Starting at just $50, you can try out this dynamic martial art over a 5 week introductory course, after which you can join our club as an ongoing member. If you are looking to compete, you have come to the right place - our chief instructor is a 4th Degree Black Belt, International Instructor and a world champion. With the exceptional team of black belts on hand who are committed to your ongoing development, you will be able to achieve all of your fitness, training and competition goals while developing focus, self-confidence, and the satisfaction of knowing you are part of one of the country's leading taekwon-do schools.

How to get involved:

Club Contact: charlene [dot] harrisatprecisiontkd [dot] com [dot] au