About Us


The ANU Sport & Recreation Association (ANU Sport) is an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation, with a constitution. ANU Sport is one of the four organisations on the ANU campus which receives an annual allocation of Student Services and Amenities Fee contributed by our Students. Other major sources of income include non-student member fees, facility usage charges and short courses.

Our Mission

The objectives of the ANU Sport are to promote and provide a diverse and exciting range of professionally-provided, affordable sporting and physical recreation participation opportunities for all of our members. To enhance your university experience by offering health, fitness and leisure activities to make your time at the ANU a whole lot more energetic, invigorating and enjoyable. Essential to this purpose, we encourage and assist in the formation among members of sporting and physical recreation clubs, and to support and co-ordinate the activities of clubs, so they can provide exceptional experiences for their members, both on and off the competition arena!

We endeavour to make our facilities and activities relaxed, fun, safe, and a place for everyone. We cater to users from all cross-sections of the university community; professors and academic staff, students of all ages, gender and nationality, graduates now in the wider work community, support staff, etc. so the atmosphere created by our diverse demographic is unlike any other you are likely to find in the Canberra region.

We believe that our wonderful first class facilities and happy, helpful staff promote us better than any claim can, so come and visit, have a quiet workout or a heavy-duty session, bring your friends or make new ones, and remember – we’re here entirely for your benefit.